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The Masculine Side of Grief

Group Learning Track

The Masculine Side of Grief


Understanding the Unique Needs and Expressions of Masculine Grief

Grief can be tough.  We live in a culture that disdains grief and sadness.  But the fact is we all grieve.  Right now we’re either grieving a loss or know someone who is.  Sadly, the grief dynamic for individuals within most families is one of isolation, denial and silence.  This isn’t surprising, it is difficult and awkward to talk about death.  This series explores these universal subjects with sensitivity and practical support.  Tom Golden brings a lifetime of experience with an emphasis on the differences between how men and women approach loss and bereavement.  Regardless of age or gender, these lessons offer inspiring stories and easy-to-understand skills for both caregivers and people in grief.  You will be amazed at the wisdom that can be learned from other cultures and the latest scientific research that as well.

Lesson One: Grief and Gender

Examining the complexities of gender-specific grief

Lesson Two: Grieving Through Action

Healing through action-based responses to loss

Lesson Three: Grieving with Practical Action

Actively finding meaning in the face of death and pain

Lesson Four: Grieving Through Creative Activity

Using the creative arts to express feelings and regain emotional balance

Lesson Five: Grieving Through Thinking

Coping with grief through intellectual exploration

Each Soul & Science Lesson offers a three step ACT Learning Group Process designed for a minimum hour-long meeting. Before each of the steps, the group should revisit their agreements as a way of creating a safe space for exploration and learning.

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