Special Features

The DNA of a Soul & Science Series―

  • Every Soul & Science series is composed of five individual lessons.
  • While each Soul & Science lesson stands alone, a complete five-part series provides a comprehensive exploration of an important caregiver-related topic.
  • Subscribers choose between three track options: a) Individual Learning, b) Group Learning appropriate for workplace colleagues or family/friends and c) Group Learning with CEUs designed with professional groups in mind.
  • Every Soul & Science lesson begins with a creative video lesson called “Take Five for Caregivers.”
  • Each video lesson focuses on a timely topic for busy caregivers and includes scientific perspectives skillfully combined with insights and inspiration for both caregivers and their care receivers.
  • Learning Guides for each track offer a short time for reflection and journaling on the video lesson followed by focus questions for personal and/or group sharing.
  • Every Soul & Science lesson includes practical recommendations for well-respected and clinically appropriate best practices.
  • Soul & Science lessons conclude with a virtual library of on-line resources related to the topic. Related books, journal articles, on-line videos and websites are linked with the Soul & Science site for easy access and in depth learning.