The Alchemy of Grief Webinar Series

The Alchemy of Grief Webinar Series

Facing Grief (Part One of “The Alchemy of Grief Series” Presented by Richard Groves

Living with Grief (Part Two of “The Alchemy of Grief Series”Presented by Richard Groves

Transforming Grief (Part Three of “The Alchemy of Grief Series”Presented by Richard Groves

Transformative Power of Love

Among life’s most painful experiences is losing someone we love. Grief silences the soul. It shakes our solid ground and turns it into unstable footing with no clear path ahead. When grieving, we also face questions which contain healing and transformative potential:

  • Who am I without my loved one?
  • How will I function under the weight of grief?
  • Where can I find a sense of wholeness?

Richard Groves will explore this important topic in three five-week online courses. His teachings are shaped by forty-years of experience in the field of end-of-life care and his new book “Alchemy of Grief” (co-authored with his late wife, Mary). This series is supported with video instruction by grief experts Tom Golden, MSW, and Wendy Howard, PhD. Each series begins with a live three-hour webinar presented by Richard Groves. There will be an opportunity to explore the many facets of grief through lecture, discuss topics in small groups, and ask Richard one-on-one questions. Over a five week period, you will receive our resource packet – filled with readings, journaling questions, book suggestions, and relevant videos by Wendy Howard and Tom Golden. All participants will be encouraged to look at their relationship with grieving, since we all experience loss. Grief has the power to deeply transform your life. “The Alchemy of Grief” teaches how to use that transformation for growth and healing.