How to Choose & Use a Series

How to Choose and Use a Series

Understanding the Process

Click on each tab to see the step-by-step process or move on to choose your lesson series.

1) Choose your Soul & Science Series.
Feel free to watch the introductory videos for information about the topics covered in each Soul & Science Series. Click on the series of your choice.
2) Choose your Learning Guide Track:
-The Individual Learning Guide Track is for individual use (which could include either family caregivers or professional providers).
-The Professional Group Learning Guide Track is for Professional Care Providers who wish to participate in the Soul & Science group study process*
-The CEU Professional Group Learning Guide Track is for Professional Care Providers who are investing in continuing education credits and are part CEU included Soul & Science memberships. See our registration page or contact Soul & Science for details about this option.
3) You will find that every Soul & Science series is composed of five distinct lessons.
Go through each lesson sequentially. Be sure to click on the “start this course” button at the top of the page to gain access to the full material.
4) If you are part of a Professional Group Learning Track for a Soul & Science series:
If you are part of a Professional Group Learning Track, you can partner with a colleague or small group of family and friends. The unique three step ACT process offers easy-to-use recommendations which can be adapted for a variety of group study. Optimum Learning Group size is 5-8 (with no less than 3 or more than 8 participants).  ACT Learning Groups can also be created for virtual meetings using a variety of electronic options.
5) Learning Guides for each lesson have an option to print responses to questions, polls and personal reflections.
Soul & Science participants also have the choice to share their personal data anonymously in order to contribute to the Soul & Science National Data Project.  Participants within a subscribing health care organization would also have options for contributing their responses in order to create an internal data base with comparisons to national scores and averages.
6) Following each Soul & Science lesson there are recommendations for best practices that translate instructions into everyday living.
Learning Groups will bring their experiences with these tools to future Soul & Science study groups as an important component of on-going learning.
7) Each Soul & Science lesson also includes a practical Resource Guide for further learning based on timely books, publications, videos and related websites.
Resources are linked to active sites for preview, including the Amazon store for on-line purchasing of books and materials.