Individual Subscription Options

Individual Subscription Purchasing


Each Soul & Science five-lesson series may be purchased on this website for $4.99. To start, go to the Soul & Science Subscriptions Page and sign up for an individual series membership. When you finish one series, simply sign up for the next series of choice the same way. Every Soul & Science member can only carry one active subscription at a time. When buying an individual series, complete all five lessons before signing up for a second individual series subscription, or upgrade to a Full Access Individual Membership to be able to use all series simultaneously.


Anyone can become a Soul & Science member for an annual subscription fee of $50.00. Members have full access to every Soul & Science series for a full year. Within the current subscription year, ten Soul & Science series/fifty lessons will be available to member subscribers. Each series is based on five video lessons called Take Five for Caregivers, companion learning guides, caregiver data surveys, and many other features.