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Web Articles

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Amy and Arthur Mindell Website

Since the 1970’s, Arny, and later Amy, have been studying how to work with process and how to facilitate the challenging, mysterious, wonderful and sometimes agonizing, human and natural world we live in.

Coma and Disorders of Consciousness Research Center

We are a multi-disciplinary group of researchers exploring the cultural, ethical, legal and social dimensions of coma, the vegetative state and the minimally conscious state. We have an extensive research archive of interviews with family members and are planning to extend our research into, for example, ethnographic work in care homes. We are pursuing research into how decision-making, care and support can be improved and exploring the ethical and economic debates around this issue, as well as examining the potential of innovative cultural engagements to enrich public debate. We have also translated the research findings into multi-media online resources to support families and practitioners.