Web Materials: Aging and Wellness Lesson 2


Web Articles

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The Center for Conscious Eldering

The Center for Conscious Eldering, based in Durango, Colorado, is dedicated to supporting the development of conscious elders. We do so by offering coaching, Choosing Conscious Elderhood retreats, and introductory workshops.  This is our passion, purpose and talent. We serve those in and approaching that period of life, sometimes called “The Third Age,” who hear the call to age consciously.

Sage-ing International

Sage-ing International is an organization with the mission of helping to change
our society’s current belief system from aging to sage-ing—that is, from simply
becoming old to aging consciously. We believe that the wisdom and gifts of
conscious elders is urgently needed in today’s world, and sage-ing supports
the development of such elders. Sage-ing is both a philosophy and a set of
psychological and spiritual practices, originally developed by Zalman Schachter
Shalomi, that support living with passion, purpose, inner growth and commitment to service as we age.

LeadingAge Website

The mission of LeadingAge is to expand the world of possibilities for aging. LeadingAge 6,000+ members and partners include not-for-profit organizations representing the entire field of aging services, 38 state partners, hundreds of businesses, consumer groups, foundations and research partners.

ASA: The American Society on Aging

ASA is the essential resource to cultivate leadership, advance knowledge, and strengthen the skills of those who work with, and on behalf of, older adults.

Changing Aging

Website founded by Dr. Bill Thomas dedicated to the idea of positive eldering and the importance of our older population.

“What we need is a radical reinterpretation of longevity that makes elders (and their needs) central to our collective pursuit of happiness and well-being.” – Dr. Bill Thomas