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Validation, Communication through Empathy | Naomi Feil | TEDxAmsterdamWomen

Published on Jun 3, 2015

Inspired by her parents’ work with the elderly, Mrs. Feil followed in their footsteps. After graduating with a masters degree in Social Work, the people she grew up with in Ohio became the people she worked both for and with.

Validation Elicits Participation | Zach Wade at TEDxCoMo

Published on Apr 22, 2013

A surgical strike at people’s deepest desire is shaping participatory media in novel ways. The most compelling emotion people seek in their digital world is validation. Validation is both inexhaustible yet hard to come by in today’s self-centric society. If we can learn to design our daily interactions with people in the same way the world’s foremost apps are designed to validate us, we stand a chance at creating the most authentic social network yet.

About Zach:
Zach is a user motivation investigator. He taps into fundamental human behaviors to build compelling apps. He is applying that skill-set as Executive Mobile Producer at KMOV-TV in St. Louis. Zach specializes in mobile engagement and is fascinated with how group behavior can inform application design. He is also passionate about art and animation, and loves fusing that linear experience with interactive tools. Reading up on current events and trends supplies the fresh impetus for Zach’s creative binges.

The Power of Empathy: Helen Riess at TEDxMiddlebury

Published on Dec 12, 2013

Dr. Riess is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School. She directs the Empathy & Relational Science Program, conducting research on the neuroscience of emotions and empathy, and is Co-Founder, Chief Scientist and Chairman of Empathetics, LLC. She is also a core member of the Research Consortium for Emotional Intelligence and is a faculty member of the Harvard Macy Institute for Physician Leaders.

Dr. Riess has devoted her career to research on the neuroscience and art of the patient-doctor relationship and teaching psychiatry residents and medical students. Her research team conducts translational research based on the neuroscience of emotions. The effectiveness of Dr. Riess’s empathy training approach has been demonstrated in several studies including a randomized controlled trial. She has developed faculty curricula for “Teaching the Teachers” of Psychotherapy that is used by faculty psychiatrists. Dr. Riess’s empathy training curricula are implemented internationally in healthcare as well as in business.