Transforming Suffering Lesson One Individual Track Questions to consider

4. "There is an outer journey that patients take—consisting of medical tests and treatments but just as importantly, care receivers and their providers experience a profound inner journey that also needs therapeutic support." –Richard Groves

5. "Pain that is not transformed is transferred." - Richard Rohr

6. "If we could peer into people’s brains and understand that there are different kinds of pain created by very different brain systems, maybe we could do a better job in tailoring our treatments in dealing with their suffering and pain."  —Soul & Science Lesson

7. “Is emotional pain worse than physical pain? The simple answer to the question is yes. A study carried out in 2008 confirmed that emotional, or social, pain is more easily relived and re-experienced by individuals than physical pain. At the time that the event happened, physical pain may be equally, or even more painful than emotional pain. However, the after-effects of emotional pain are more severe than physical pain.” - (Is Emotional Pain Worse than Physical Pain? / 2016)

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