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Aging and Wellness

Individual Learning Track

Aging and Wellness


Navigating Compassion Fatigue with Awareness and Self-Care

Compassion fatigue affects 40-60% of healthcare workers during their practice.  Of those at least 20% will go on to more severe burnout and leave their profession.  The medical model would have us believe that it is some sort of illness to be treated and cured.  Instead we are all hardwired neurologically to respond in a way that automatically leads to compassion fatigue.  Our training education fails to equip us with skills and awareness to manage ourselves in the face of other’s suffering.  Rather than fighting or resisting or avoiding compassion fatigue, we must learn first to befriend it and then to learn skills that allow each of us to better manage ourselves while remaining connected and present to those who are suffering.

Lesson One: BURNOUT

Understanding the epidemic of Care Provider burnout

Lesson Two: Suffering Exchange

Exploring the influence of Caregiver pain

Lesson Three: Empathy

Expressing Empathy but avoiding emotional overload

Lesson Four: Spiritual Pain

Recognizing all the dimensions of Caregiver and Care Receiver pain

Lesson Five: Exquisite Empathy

Moving into fully balanced Care Provider resiliency

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