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Transforming Suffering

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Transforming Suffering


Transforming Suffering While Caring for Others

Emotional and spiritual pain impacts our health and well-being as much as physical illness.  Growing research from the health care sciences points to measurable benefits when the underlying causes of suffering are diagnosed and responded to.  This series offers lessons and simple practices for choosing healing attitudes in the face of illness and suffering. Total person wellness always includes a sense of meaning, hope, healthy relationships and the capacity for forgiveness.  These same qualities are the antidotes to emotional suffering and spiritual pain.  Here are some important ways that caregivers and those we care for can become medicine for each other.


Ways that healing is always possible even when curing is not

Lesson Two: MEANING

Exploring the relationship between clear meaning and wellness


The power of letting go is essential for well-being and recovery


Learning how to relate to sickness and suffering in new ways

Lesson Five: HOPE

Asking courageous questions in the face of life’s greatest challenges

Each Soul & Science Lesson offers a three step ACT Learning Group Process designed for a minimum hour-long meeting. Before each of the steps, the group should revisit their agreements as a way of creating a safe space for exploration and learning.

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