S&S Program



Continuing Education and Professional Development

Through mobile technology, Soul & Science programs offer caregivers access to clinical research along with best practices from the humanities and healing arts that support wellness for ourselves and those we serve.


Science & Inspiration―whole person best practices

The key to Soul & Science lessons is the artful interface between science and the human dimensions of healing, suffering, and total person wellness.  Best practices are both clinically trustworthy and personally inspiring.


Organizational subscriptions for every caregiver

Any health care organization regardless of size can affordably subscribe to the Soul & Science series for all of its caregivers.  A virtual library of timely topics and resources can also be shared with patients and families.


Reconnecting the soul & role of caregiving

Soul & Science programs offer a contemporary model of caregiving that reinforces the aspirational dimensions of caregiving.  For both providers and those we serve― the quality of our presence with others is in direct relationship to the quality of our own life.


Mobile-friendly video lessons and learning model.

Soul & Science lessons work with most mobile devices that have internet access.  Lessons combine engaging, state-of-the art video teachings with a fully integrated learning process including data capture.

Discover the Virtual Revolution in Caregiving


“Two hundred leaders and caregivers in our organization have had an eighteen month experience of the Soul & Science learning process. We have data that shows impressive results both reducing caregiver fatigue and reconnecting their soul and role—on the job and at home.”

-Jim Diegel, CEO, St. Charles Health Care System


“The creators of Soul & Science have a twenty year track record of producing the highest quality learning resources for caregiver support and education.”

-Dean Sharpe, MD, Retired Surgeon and Health Care Educator

Soul & Science was intended to be a resource for our nurses but their consistent feedback is that the materials are shared with patients, families and the larger community.”

-Sharon Peters, PhD, Director of Patient Services, Mercy Hospitals

“Soul & Science offers wisdom from teachers with years of clinical experience who also are passionate about caring for others with skill, compassion and self care.”

-Marlis Beier, MD, ObGyn