Soul & Science Coordinator Position

Role of the Local Soul & Science Coordinator

Soul & Science series have been designed to be flexible and easy-to-use for busy caregivers.  A subscribing organization can look forward to a virtual model of continuing education that demands little in terms of administrative time and expense.

However, the role of a local Soul & Science Coordinator will be essential for smooth implementation of program series.  This person (or committee of persons) would be the first line of communication with the Soul & Science program office.  Our goal is enable the coordinator to manage and decide issues related to program usage at the local level.  At the same time, the Coordinator will have direct access Soul & Science staff for any reasonable needs.

A Soul & Science team will support the subscribing organization in meeting with its leadership to discern from among several levels of participation and continuing education.  Soul & Science will provide organizations with easy-to use templates for communicating with potential caregiver participants.

The role of a Soul & Science Coordinator is to provide support in the following ways:

1) Introduce caregiver-participants to Soul & Science learning materials

2) Liaise with Soul & Science regarding logistical issues or concerns related to the Soul & Science professional learning process

3) Be the first line of contact for troubleshooting issues related to program usage

4) Communicate with Soul & Science program office regarding the collection and analysis of data (optional)

5) Liaise with Soul & Science support staff for relevant continuing education issues

6) Assist in communications as needed between local caregiver-participants and the Soul & Science program

7) Request support from Soul & Science for other unanticipated needs