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Possibilities in Life Transitions

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Possibilities in Life Transitions


Possibilities in Life Transitions

Marlis Beier MD, teacher spent 20 years in Obstetrics and Gynecology before facing her own loss and redefinition due to MS, which changed her focus to end of life care. Her passion for finding the gift in times of transition led to this series about how to find wisdom and how to accompany another in the challenges in life.  Every patient faces a transition when admitted to hospital or hospice. The series teaches about the gifts possible while accompanying others and a shift in perspective about how to be with a person in an altered states of consciousness.  Attention to dreams and life review during big life events offer insights and greater understanding of ourselves. As a health practitioner, it is our ability to pay attention to the story that keeps us engaged and effective.


Major life transitions can lead to greater self-knowledge and have an impact on health and wellness.

Lesson Two: RITUAL

Honoring the daily tasks of caregiving with ritual supports the emotional and physical healing process.


The teaching “if there is breath there is consciousness” guides non-responsive patient communication.

Lesson Four: DREAMS

Dreams provide a wealth of information during significant life transitions, especially regarding healing and health.

Lesson Five: LIFE REVIEW

Research demonstrates the power of reflecting on one’s life story to find meaning during times of illness and recovery.