Ritual: Questions Worth Considering (Individual Track)

Questions Worth Considering will give you an opportunity to delve deeply into the concepts behind our lesson and reflect on how they connect to your life and your role as caregiver.

Possibilities in Life Transition Series
Lesson Two: Ritual


4. “[Our goals is] to stay present and connected with patients on a daily level, and ritual can help us do that.” –Soul & Science Lesson

5.“The findings suggest the medical ritual of a device can deliver an enhanced placebo effect beyond that of a placebo pill.”- Ted Kaptchuk

6.“We're losing a ritual. We're losing a ritual that I believe is transformative, transcendent, and is at the heart of the patient-physician relationship.” – Abraham Verhese, MD

7.“Rituals, anthropologists will tell us, are about transformation. The rituals we use for marriage, baptism or inaugurating a president are as elaborate as they are because we associate the ritual with a major life passage, the crossing of a critical threshold, or in other words, with transformation.”- Abraham Verhese


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