Legacy: Step Two (Professional Group Learning Track)

STEP TWO: CONVERSATION WITH OTHERS                                               30 min.


Trust the power of collective wisdom as you engage with others‒ using the lessons from the video as a jumping board for sharing.  Focus on the questions that can best support your role and experience as caregiver.

Aging and Wellness Series
Lesson Three: Legacy

ACT Step Two

1. “[Research studies have shown when] cancer patients composed ethical wills, fewer participants reported pain and overall suffering after writing the wills. Loss of enjoyment of life also decreased, as did spiritual distress, concern for loved ones, feelings of having unfinished business, and fear of the future.” – (Jiska Cohen-Mansfield et al.  “Wisdom of Generations: A Pilot Study of the Values Transmitted in Ethical Wills of Nursing Home Residents and Student Volunteers”)

2. “For persons with limited economic, social, and cultural capital, legacy work can promote end-of-life dignity by using personally meaningful criteria such as ethical capital to articulate the value of one’s life . . . scholars, nurses, doctors, family, social workers, palliative care units and clergy can advance the idea of ethical capital and encourage its utilization . . .” – (Beverley Williams, Lesa Woodby, Patricia Drentea “Ethical capital: ‘What’s a poor man got to leave?’”)

3. “He who dies with the least, wins.” – Potlatch Tradition

4. “In order to conclude a life story there seems to be a need to create a moral of the story. One of the most important things was to come up with a nugget of wisdom or insight—an expression of the essence of the self, created over a lifetime, that could be passed along to future generations . . . We want to leave something positive behind and exhibit an optimism that allows us to find something positive even in the darkest of situations.” - (Kimberly A. Wade-Benzoni, Harris Sondak, and Adam D. Galinsky “Leaving a Legacy: Toward a Typology”)

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