Grieving Through Action: Questions Worth Considering (Individual Track)

Questions Worth Considering will give you an opportunity to delve deeply into the concepts behind our lesson and reflect on how they connect to your life and your role as caregiver.

The Masculine Side of Grief Series
Lesson Two: Grieving Through Action


4. “Gender stereotypes and assumptions also hamper men's health care. For example, many researchers and clinicians believe that men are not interested in seeking psychosocial support . . . despite the fact that men are less likely than women to have a support network of friends and relatives with whom they commonly discuss their social and emotional needs.” - (Gender Matters: an Integrated Model for Understanding Men's and Women's Health 1999)

5. According to the Soul & Science Lesson there are four components that contribute to men’s pain being “invisible.”

1) His pain is taboo

2) Role of “provide and protect”

3) Dominance Hierarchy

4) Biology

6. “A typical masculine path is using action as a means to pull into the future to do something different in order to honor the person who died.”  - Soul & Science Lesson

7. “Love endures death. The loss of a significant loved one is something that is not gotten ‘over.’ The work of grief involves learning to live with and adjust to the loss . . . there may be a sense that you are never finished with grief, but realistic goals of grief work include regaining an interest in life and feeling hopeful again.” - J. William Worden, Harvard Medical School

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