Dilemma of Prognosis: Questions Worth Considering (Individual Track)

Questions Worth Considering will give you an opportunity to delve deeply into the concepts behind our lesson and reflect on how they connect to your life and your role as caregiver.

The Art & Science of Prognostication Series
Lesson One: Dilemma of Prognosis


4. “[Prognosis] is where soul and science meet. It is fire and flash.” – Soul & Science Lesson

5.  “As providers we need to be able to become vulnerable enough to say “You are going to die. The horizon is not going to stretch out before you. It’s going to end.’” – Soul & Science Lesson

6. “. . . literature affirms the possibility that physician honesty, even regarding difficult news, can help patients to feel more hopeful.” – (“Communicating about prognosis: ethical responsibilities of pediatricians and parents” 2014)

7. “Despite being a fundamental and important aspect of medical care, prognosis is virtually absent from medical education, medical texts, medical research, and patient care. The relative absence of prognosis in modern medical thought and practice certainly cannot be explained by an absence of patient need or interest, however. Indeed, when patients are sick, their interest in diagnosis and therapy is often secondary to their interest in prognosis.” - Nicholas Christakis, MD

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