Lesson Two: Being with Pain Study Guide Individual Track

Being with Pain Series

Individual Track Learning Guide

Lesson Two: Wounded Healers

Questions Worth Considering

4. “Wounded Healer Premise #1: The more I can stay with my pain, the more it encourages someone to stay with their pain.”–Soul & Science Lesson

5. “Wounded Healer Premise #2: Each of us carries within an innate potential for healing… by staying with our experience of suffering the innate potential for healing opens.”–Soul & Science Lesson

6. “Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist who managed to survive the Nazi concentration camps, teaches us that, just like destiny or death, suffering is a fundamental human experience. For Frankl, if life has meaning, suffering must necessarily have meaning too. The way in which a person accepts his destiny and suffering provides his life with a profound sense of meaning.”  -(“The wounded healer: can this idea be of use to family physicians?”)

7. “The wounded healer represents not only pain and suffering, but also the possibility of resilience, post-traumatic growth, and the ability to use the knowledge acquired through one’s own suffering in the service of clients’ recovery” – (“The Dilemma of the Wounded Healer”)

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Best Practices – (Choose at Least One)

1. “The more healers can understand their own wounds and journey of recovery, the better position they are in to guide others through such a process, while recognizing that each person’s journey is unique.” – (“The Dilemma of the Wounded Healer”)

Take ten minutes and journal about your wounds and journey of recovery. Examine how these “wounds” have affected you and your ability to grow. Do you see post-traumatic stress or post-traumatic growth? How have you been resilient? What are ways you still need to heal?

2. “Be a witness – in becoming aware of what you are doing – exactly what you are doing – in any given moment, bear witness to it. Observe it, name it and stand away from it — all at once.”- (“5 Steps for Being Present“)

For one day make an effort to regularly stop for a moment and be fully present. “Be a witness” and become aware of what you are doing and feeling. Name those actions and emotions and then release any stress of tension you may be feeling with an out-breath.

3. “Wounded Healer model of Self Care: Self-awareness, Self-compassion, Self-forgiveness, Cultivating mindfulness” – Soul & Science Lesson

Which of these domains come most easily to you? Which is most difficult? This week, make a goal to improve in one of these areas.