Lesson Instructions

Lesson Instructions

Instructions for Your ACT Group Learning Process

1) The ACT Learning Group process is designed for a minimum sixty minute session.  Groups could expand the time, of course, and adapt the schedule accordingly.

2) Appoint someone in the ACT Learning Group to be timekeeper and to volunteer to facilitate the process.

3) Reread the ACT Agreements.

4) View the Lesson video together.

5) Click on the “ACT Learning Guides” button.

6) Once the new page opens, click on the “start taking this course” button at the top of your screen to gain full access.

7) There are three sections in the learning guide, one for each ACT Step, and a final evaluative quiz. These must be completed before considering your lesson finished.

8) We strongly suggest you look over all the additional Recommended Lesson Resources (books, videos, and web materials) and explore the wealth of information that will build upon and enrich the teachings found in this lesson.