Lesson Five: Altered States of Consciousness Study Guide Individual Track

Altered States of Consciousness Series

Individual Track Learning Guide

Lesson Five: Ethics and Feedback

Questions Worth Considering

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Best Practices – (Choose at Least One)

1. In this teaching, Stan explains the three states of consciousness people might exhibit as they approach the end of their life are: ordinary, dream, and spiritual states.

  • Take a moment to lie quietly, relaxing deeply, and observe which state you are in.  Imagine what shifts in you as you move from state to state.  What signals might indicate each of the three states and how might those signals be seen by another?


2. With a partner, take turns with one lying down, relaxing quietly, then exhibiting one or more of the three states of consciousness. Are you able to discern which state the other might be demonstrating?

  •  Did you notice if you had expectations and if they were obstacles to the interpretation?


3. The Multi-State Ethic includes releasing our expectations, discerning the appropriate state the person might be in, and meeting the person where they are.

  • In the above exercise, notice how you would meet your partner where they are as they move through the various states of consciousness.
  • Remember that the shifts we look for can be very subtle.
  • Most importantly, after trying this exercise with a partner, notice what kind of conversation might open up between yourselves after such a shared experience.