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Healing Emotions

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Healing Emotions


Healing Emotions for Caregivers

Effective caregiving requires both technical and emotional skills.  While caregivers deal with the inevitable emotions of those they care for― anger, anxiety, sadness and guilt ― the same realities show up for the caregiver as well.  This series offers insights and practical ideas designed to give caregivers a hand in both understanding and working with those we care for.  The goal is a more reciprocal approach to caregiving and care receiving.  In rebalancing the caregiver relationship we will recognize what is most deeply human in each other.

Lesson One: SAFETY

When we feel safe and can tell our story― a path toward healing opens

Lesson Two: ANGER

Anger is a gateway to explore expectations regarding mutual respect

Lesson Three: ANXIETY

Antidotes for anxiety are easily-learned body-mind-spirit practices

Lesson Four: SADNESS

Science now shows there are ways that sadness can be good for you

Lesson Five: GUILT

Distinguishing between productive and non-productive guilt is liberating