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Web Articles

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The Center for Loss & Life Transition

Led by grief counselor and educator Dr. Alan Wolfelt, we are an organization dedicated to helping people who are grieving and those who care for them. Perhaps someone you love has died, or you want to help a grieving friend or family member. Or maybe you are a professional or volunteer grief caregiver. Either way, we are here to offer resources and understanding


HealGrief is dedicated to support the bereaved by offering a virtual location, without geographical boundaries, where individuals and a community can communicate a death, connect, mourn and heal, while celebrating a loved one’s life.  Our commitment is to provide an understanding of grief by increasing universal awareness and education while offering resources to support a healthy grief recovery.

What’s Your Grief Website

[What’s Your Grief Website’s] mission is to promote grief education, exploration, and expression in both practical and creative ways. We aim to provide the public with…

-Education that reaches beyond generalization

-Practical and specific suggestions for moving forward

-Modes of self-exploration and self-expression that suit all types of thinkers and doers

-Ways to honor and remember deceased loved ones.

-A supportive community