Lesson One: Visualization – Professional Group Learning Guides

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The following sections listed below are the ACT Group Learning Guide portions of the lesson and must be completed before considering this lesson finished.

-The first step is ACT ONE. This interactive form section will give you an opportunity to delve deeply into the concepts behind our lesson and reflect on how they connect to your life and your role as caregiver. A critical element for the success of an ACT Learning Group is to provide some time and space for personal reflection and journaling.

-After completing this step, ACT TWO is a period of group discussion and reflection. All participants must be given a safe space to express themselves during this time. This portion of the interactive form is filled out with insights gained from your community exploration.

-Next, your group will move on to ACT THREE, the Best Practices: real-world habits, ways of thinking or behaving that can increase personal well-being. Goals to incorporate best practice suggestions can be made on the group or individual level and support systems can be developed during this time.

-Finally, fill out the Evaluative Quiz at the end of your Best Practices section. The button stating “take your lesson quiz” will lead you to a quick evaluation that must be submitted. After submission, you will receive a congratulation message and your lesson will be recorded as “completed.”

-As a reminder, we strongly suggest you look over all the additional Recommended Lesson Resources (books, videos, and web materials) and explore the wealth of information that will build upon and enrich the teachings found in this lesson.


Recommended Lesson Resources

The following materials are available for further study. You may use the links below or return to the Lesson One Homepage. We highly recommended you view the full list of recommended books, articles, websites, and videos and choose at least three additional materials to study to deepen your understanding of each lesson.

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Web Materials & Academic Journals

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