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Aging and Wellness

Individual Learning Track

Aging and Wellness


Supporting older adults by celebrating past life experience, strengthening current purpose and meaning, and encouraging their place as elders in society.

Healthy Aging is a key issue in today’s culture.  Aging is not an option.  Unless we die prematurely, we will all experience the aging process.  How and whether we age successfully is a matter of choice even if we are faced with issues of decline in our physical condition.  This series offers insights and best practices for caregivers, family members and those they serve to support our elders in the process of healthy aging.


Achieving end-of-life landmarks allows us to go on living life fully without the burden of unfinished business.

Lesson Two: ELDERING

Opportunities to remain involved in meaningful activities despite physical and mental decline stimulates the role of mentorship.

Lesson Three: LEGACY

We have more to leave to future generations than just material wealth.


Structured reminiscence is a valuable tool for discovering the deeper meaning in all of the elements of life.

Lesson Five: MORTALITY

Exploring fears, doubts, beliefs and concerns about dying with older persons will contribute to not only dying well but also to living well.