About Soul & Science

About Soul & Science

Soul & Science

Soul & Science believes that people are much more than just their physical bodies and that the choices they make while dealing with illness and aging should be based both on the latest medical expertise as well as the art of what brings hope, meaning and emotional support.  Each Soul & Science series brings together clinical best practices with wisdom from the healing arts and the world’s great cultural traditions.

Soul & Science is also committed to the care and support of health care providers.  Easy-to-view lessons called Take Five for Caregivers introduce state-of-the-art teachings, learning guides and best practices based on twenty years of research to reduce the stress and vicarious trauma that is often present in the lives of caregivers.

Soul & Science offers a holistic and pragmatic solution for…

-Supporting the well-being of our existing health care professionals and,
-Offering affordable and valuable resources for the millions of home-based caregivers who sacrifice daily for their loved ones.

 When caregivers and those they care for access the lessons and learning process designed forSoul & Science, the result is decreased stress, better symptom management and enhanced quality of living.

How Soul & Science Works

Soul & Science provides easy-to-access learning and support through a web portal wherever internet access is available.

Leading educators and inspirational speakers are featured on video learning lessons called Take Five for Caregivers. These programs make it easy for patients, caregivers and their home health providers to access both the information and inspiration when and where it is needed regarding timely critical issues and concerns.  For caregivers wanting deeper study and research, the same website will also provide advanced clinical skills and state-of-the-art resources for continuing education.

Soul & Science is PROVEN

Lessons are based on twenty+ years of experience in a wide variety of health care venues.  Created by the Sacred Art of Living Center with an international reputation in health care education and caregiver support,  Soul & Science lessons integrate medical research, the humanities, depth psychology and cultural diversity.

Soul & Science creates COMMUNITY

Every Soul & Science lesson for caregivers is part of a larger body of work.  Video components will be integrated into complete program series and a larger online library for deeper study and research.  Forums will enable caregivers and care receivers alike to network with others around important topics for mutual support and learning.

Soul & Science is TIMELY

There is a growing movement on the part of both health care consumers and research institutions to bridge the gap between science and technology and the art and soul of caregiving.  Soul & Science is on the cutting edge of a more integrated science that is “measuring the immeasurable” and supporting a whole person approach to healing and wellness.

Soul & Science is CONVENIENT

Information is only a click away, when you need and where you need it.  Video and print components will be available through almost any electronic device.

Soul & Science EMPOWERS people

When people face serious or long-term illness we believe that there are important choices based on emerging best practices as well as the experience of others who have faced similar situations.  Soul & Science believes that knowledge is power.  By listening to leading voices in the health care community that include physicians, nurses, aides, social workers, chaplains and community health workers – patients and their loved ones can consider unmet needs and options that are sometimes overlooked when the focus has been primarily on the biology of illness.