Power of Presence Series Post Test (NASW) Quiz

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  1. Choose the definition for the following terms: Presence1
  2. Visualization1
  3. Conscious Breathing1
  4. Empathetic Curiosity1
  5. Validating Emotions1
  6. Open-Ended Questions1
  7. Legitimizing Statements1
  8. Felt Sense1
  9. Which is not a quality of presence?1
  10. Lack of positive Imagery has been known to:1
  11. According to Erie Chapman, JD, MTS, “Loving care does not require twice the time, but it does require more than twice the _________________.1
  12. “This possibility of shifting what we think we know is right, to just ________what might be happening underneath, is such an important way to bring presence to a situation.”1
  13. According to Larry Laveman, LCSW, BCD, in the absence of ___________, the healthcare provider fails to properly understand the patient.”1
  14. A technique to validate another’s feeling includes:1
  15. According to the Soul & Science lesson, “The ability to name a situation that’s not very solvable helps the person feel _________.”1
  16. A goal of mindfulness should be:1
  17. Validation includes:1
  18. In regards to focusing, when we turn our attention away from the problems, often the ______retains the stress, tension, or upset.1
  19. According to the article by PL Dobkin, PhD, any physicians practicing Western medicine have mastered skills aimed at diagnosing and curing diseases, and yet they may be at a loss when it comes to relieving ____________.1
  20. Healing is a process involving movement toward an experience of integrity and wholeness in response to injury or disease.1
  21. According to the article by PL Dobkin, healing is both personal and interpersonal because it includes the following qualities:1
  22. Michael Kearney suggests patients need a place to “regain a sense of integrity and wholeness”, which is more than a hospital corridor or an examining room; it encompasses the space in which expressions of doubts, dread, and hope can be heard. Balfour Mount emphasized that this is created when ______________ communicate.1
  23. When purposefully cultivated, mindfulness results in heightened awareness of inner and outer experiences through _____________.1
  24. According to RM Emptstein, which is not a goal of mindfulness?1
  25. For optimal communication to occur, physicians must be “mindful” of:1
  26. Which item is not listed in the article as a learned mental habit that builds mindfulness?1
  27. Research has found the level of empathy significantly improved in medical students during the period between entry into medical school and the end of the first year.1
  28. According to the article, which of the following does not describe how a physician would behave in a “full presence” medical encounter?1
  29. The state of mindful, present consciousness can be taught and learned through_________.1
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