Why Prognosticate?: Step Two (Professional Track)

STEP TWO: CONVERSATION WITH OTHERS                                               30 min.


Trust the power of collective wisdom as you engage with others‒ using the lessons from the video as a jumping board for sharing.  Focus on the questions that can best support your role and experience as caregiver.

The Art & Science of Prognostication Series
Lesson Four: Why Prognosticate?

ACT Step Two

1.“[I needed to let] her know – ‘I’m ready to talk about this with you. Wherever it happens to go, I just need a little bit of a roadmap to know where you want to go with it.’ And that’s what they can provide us.” – Soul & Science Lesson

2. “Unfortunately we are trained to answer questions and we are trained to answer them quickly. But in the instance we need to pause - we need to stop and not answer questions.” – Soul & Science Lesson

3. “Solutio (Latin, noun) to make something workable, transformable by making it more fluid. We are taking something very hard, very difficult – the word of death- and making in transformable into something life-giving.” – Soul & Science Lesson

4. “Ask questions you don’t know the answers to. Avoid yes/no questions or a leading questions. If I had asked a yes/no questions or a leading question I never would have been invited in.” – Soul & Science Lesson

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