Morality & Prognosis: Questions Worth Considering (Individual Track)

Questions Worth Considering will give you an opportunity to delve deeply into the concepts behind our lesson and reflect on how they connect to your life and your role as caregiver.

The Art & Science of Prognostication Series
Lesson Three: Mortality & Prognosis


4.“We are afraid to die. To end the fear of death we must come into contact with death, not with the image which thought has created about death, but we must actually feel the state. Otherwise there is no end to fear, because the word death creates fear, and we don't even want to talk about it.” - J. Krishnamurti

5. “Terror aroused by the realization of our own mortality can fuel a tendency to be punishing or hateful, pitting us against enemies or alienating us from our loved ones. It can lead us to limit ourselves or to defend against living fully. Every one of us would benefit from asking ourselves the question, ‘How does this awareness impact us?’ Perhaps a lot more than we think.” - Lisa Firestone Ph.D.

6. “The role of locus of control in reducing fear of death was supported by the findings regarding externality. That is, fear of death was greater among those elders who felt that environmental events came about by chance or were controlled by others who had power over them.” – (“Fear of Death in Older Adults: Predictions From Terror Management Theory” 2002)

7. “Observe the cycles of nature; all around us the natural world is dying and returning to life.” – Soul & Science Lesson

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