Landmarks: Step Two (Professional Group Learning Track)

STEP TWO: CONVERSATION WITH OTHERS                                               30 min.


Trust the power of collective wisdom as you engage with others‒ using the lessons from the video as a jumping board for sharing.  Focus on the questions that can best support your role and experience as caregiver.

Aging and Wellness Series
Lesson One: Landmarks

ACT Step Two

1. “Clinical experience in palliative care reveals that the end of life can be a time of remarkable opportunity and a time of profound richness and depth for the patients and families. . .Through the skillful, effective management of symptoms, opportunity is preserved and through skillful, sensitive counseling, growth can be facilitated.” – (Ira Byock and Yvonne J. Corbeil “Caring When Cure Is No Longer Possible”)

2. “A very helpful tool in the dimension of meaning is the Spiritual Health Assessment Form, developed by the Sacred Art of Living Center. Using this tool on a daily basis, caregivers can engage older adult clients or family members about these important dimensions of life.” – Soul & Science Lesson.

3. “The existential questions about the human condition can be ignored during many phases of life, but are brought into acuity at the end of life. For those who can find answers to the questions via ritual and/or belief, life can resonate with joy until death . . . However, for those for whom the existential questions remain unanswered, the end of life can reverberate discordantly with despair and anguish.” – (Anna-Leila Williams “Perspectives on spirituality at the end of life: A meta-summary”)

4. Dr. Ira Byock teaches the simple exercise of saying “The Four Things” that matter at end of life – “Forgive me. I forgive you. Thank you. I love you.” He states, “In acknowledging the inevitable loss that approaches, continued time together with friends and relatives often reflects a poignant, loving, solemn and yet celebratory quality.”


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