Forgiveness: Step Two (Professional Group Learning Track)

STEP TWO: CONVERSATION WITH OTHERS                                               30 min.

Needed materials for this series: Spiritual Assessment Form


Trust the power of collective wisdom as you engage with others‒ using the lessons from the video as a jumping board for sharing.  Focus on the questions that can best support your role and experience as caregiver.

1. “For Palidin, the relationship between forgiveness and healing were indisputable . . .he required the support and wisdom of others to help him lean into his pain.  In David’s words, ‘Forgiveness was the eye of the needle’…”  —Soul & Science Lesson

2. “Research subjects who kept gratitude journals on a weekly basis exercised more, reported few negative physical symptoms and felt better about their lives in general. “ – Emmons-McCollough

3.“Research shows that making even small steps towards forgiveness appear to strengthen the body’s immune system.” - Joan Borysenko, PhD

4.  “Among the wide variety' of protective factors that have been recognized, acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude appear to be three personal characteristics that have been found to be closely related to psychological well-being” (The Relationship between Forgiveness and Emotional Well-Being, 2011)

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